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Your Mind is your instrument.

Learn to be its master, not its slave.

Meditation is perfect for you if...

✔ You are feeling lost, having a sense of restlessness, feeling low
✔  Are unable to deal with life challenges, want better health.
✔  Simply searching for means of spiritual growth.

Who should consider learning or doing Meditations?

There is no age, gender or professional restriction to learn Reiki. Everyone can meditate and seek its benefits.

Meditation is not about becoming Buddha or attaining Nirvana. It’s a process, it’s sadhana. It’s about becoming more aware and getting a better sense of things and understandings.

It’s about just being there as an observer. It’s an ability to be present in here and now, at the moment and be fully engaged in it.

The ways and means of meditation may differ with different people. That’s OK. What’s most important is consistency in doing the meditation to reach the destination.

An example of meditating in a fun-filled way is our Doodle Fun Therapy. We are actively immersed in doodle making and drawing patterns of a certain style to be more creative, get clarity, calm down and also get into zen mode.


How can Meditating Help

➡   Connects the mind and body
➡   Calm the mind and relaxes the body
➡   Increases Self Awareness
➡   Improves attention span and creativity
➡   Focused mind leads to increased productivity
➡   Decrease emotional reactivity, stress, anxiety and depression
➡   Revitalising/ Rejuvenating
➡   Improve mental, physical and spiritual health.


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