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Holistic life Coach, NLP Trainer, Graphologist, Alternative Therapist by Profession,

Happiness spreader by Choice.

  • International clientele.
  • Decade plus experience in online, face-face therapy/coaching sessions and trainings.
  • Featured on Radio (India and Dubai), in newspaper, Magazine.
  • Conduct Corporate training and workshops.

Journey of my life

A Life Coach, Trainer ,
Wife and a Proud Mother.

🌟  I am an Engineer and Business Development professional turned Life Coach – Graphologist – NLP Trainer – Therapist

🌟  My passion always revolved around understanding people behaviour and enabling their development and growth changes.

🌟  For a decade-plus, I have delivered NLP and Graphology–based solution training and conducted coaching sessions at corporate and individual levels.

🌟  I have trained in various organizations right from Educational Institutes, Entrepreneur  driven businesses and companies  – viz. Banking and Financial, Manufacturing, Courier services, etc.

🌟  The coaching clientele has been varied such as students starting from Junior College to Adults, Parents, married people, Middle and Senior Management Professionals.

🌟  It’s been an amazing journey to assist several individuals to overcome challenging situations in their personal and professional life such as trust issues in marriage, toxic relationships, loss of confidence finding purpose in life, loss of a loved one, business growth, etc.

🌟  With hands-on experience in coaching with global clientele with a multicultural experience has enabled me to understand the different client behaviour patterns from different walks of life and guide them to achieve their goals in their unique ways.

Turned into profession

A Holistic Approach to Success and Happiness

My integrative approach with tools like NLP, Graphology, Doodle fun therapy, Heal your life excercises and others is to help you come out of your self-imposed limitations and move on to a more joyous life.
At the end of the day, no matter what you achieve, it's the quality of your life that matters.

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