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Change your handwriting,

Transform your life !!

Graphology is perfect for you if..

✔  If you want to deal with problems like depression & low self-esteem, the inability to move ahead, get along with people, sensitivity and much more.
✔  You want answers for your behaviour patterns, irregular state of mind and moods, behaviour traits, habits and make a positive behaviour change in life for self-improvement or empowerment.

✔  Simply put, you are looking for a tool for life transformation.

Who should consider learning Graphology or Graphotherapy OR simply doing a Grapho - Consultation

You could be a Corporate or student, adult, parent, business owner, executive, manager, actor, sportsperson, doctor, teacher, therapist etc. i.e. any kind of a person seeking a positive change.

Handwriting reflects brain activity. So what the writer is unconsciously doing is expressing their whole unique psychological profile on paper through:

Handwriting Strokes,
Symbols, Drawings and Colours

Hence, handwriting analysis can be used to understand one’s behaviour patterns and personality traits.

  • The analysis reveals the life story of a person without talking to them.
  • Personal strengths, limiting beliefs in different areas of life. E.g., academics, sports, relationships, profession, etc.
  • The decision-making ability and acting trigger the same. Thus their impact on one’s life.
  • Effect on Holistic Wellness – Mental, Physical, Social and Career and lot more.

How Graphology/Graphotherapy can help you Individually -

➡   Identify and remove self-sabotaging traits and attitudes.
➡   Deal with roadblocks such as lack of concentration, stress, depression, low self-esteem, relationship compatibility, etc
➡   Be mindful and present at the moment
➡   Find the hidden motivation and inspiration
➡   Personal growth and development
➡   Career Selection or transition
➡   Professional Growth and Development


Corporates/ Institutions

➡   Understand Learning and Development requirements of employees/organization
➡   Employee capability and selection assistance
➡   Partner compatibility
➡   Employee performance improvement
➡   Corporate training
➡   Positive bonding within employees (Relationships)
➡   Organizational Growth


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