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FAQ's for NLP

Is NLP meant for personal benefits only?

No, NLP is the study of excellence. It is the study of both the conscious and unconscious processes that combine to enable people to do what they do. The benefits can be applied in various stages of life – parenting, socialising, at work, for rapport building and strengthing relationships, planning and achieving goals and much more.

How many days do I have to learn NLP?

The online NLP foundation or the Practitioner course is of 16 days. Daily there will be 2 hours of coaching. In case of a specif goal, the course content shall be customised and the timing for same shall be mutually agreed upon

FAQ's for Holistic Life Coaching

How much does a Life coaching consulting session cost?

The session fees for online and offline are different. Contact for details

How are the three -Coaching, Therapy and Counselling different?

Coaching is a process where a coach supports a person to achieve a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. They do not diagnose or treat mental disorders. Therapy helps you to untangle your past and to heal emotional pains and bring closure to troubling events. Counselling is a process where a counsellor provides assistance and guidance to a person in resolving personal or psychological problems. Coaching helps you set and achieve goals, while counselling helps you recognize and solve your problems in life.

Is consulting safe to do?

Yes. Of course. No one will know that we are working together unless you tell them. Neither shall you be judged for what you share. Details of our sessions are never discussed with anyone.

Are online Coaching consultations effective ?

Coaching is about strategy, accountability and discovering inner resources-skills for personal and professional success. It’s not as intimate as therapy, and not meant to be; it’s a little more results-driven. I have found that 9 out of 10 people were comfortable with online sessions and achieved their goals.

When can I expect seeing results of a coaching-consulting session?

If you’re ready to start taking action today, you’ll start noticing the immediate change. But bigger goals simply take longer. The current situation wasn’t created overnight, and the new reality you’re looking for will take a little time too. Coaching over a period of time, combined with consistent action is by far the best way to produce sustainable results and incredible transformations.

FAQ's for Graphology

How accurate is Graphology?

Graphology is a blend of art and science. It is a science because it measures the structure and movement of the written forms. And it is an art because the graphologist has constantly to keep in mind the total context in which the writing is taking place: the ‘gestalt’ of the writing as a whole. My experience with graphology has turned out to be over 90% accurate.

Can anyone learn how to analyze handwriting?

Yes. To become an expert, experienced and professional Graphologist requires patience, motivation and dedication.

My handwriting changes from time to time, then how will you give correct analysis?

Handwriting reflects your personality at the time of writing. Just as your facial expressions change depending on your mood, so does your handwriting. However, there are still basic characteristics formed over a period of time that remain constant despite these minor variations

Can you tell the writer’s religion, sex or age from a sample of handwriting?


Can handwriting analysis reveal the future?


Can graphology improve handwriting ?


How soon can Graphotherapy or Doodle therapy show results?

The current situation wasn’t created overnight. One’s acceptance and perspective gains in the current situation with respect to the new reality will take a little time too. The results have been seen within 1 week to over a period of 3-6-9 months. The consultation combined with consistent action is by far the best way to produce sustainable results and incredible transformations.

FAQ's for Reiki

I cannot close my eyes and meditate. How do I learn to meditate?

Meditation is all about focus. Contact to know how you can connect with self and focus.

Does Reiki have negative effects?

No. Reiki is an infinite energy supply coming from the one source that created the universe.

Will I be able to sense Reiki immediately after learning Level 1?

Some people will know that Reiki is working because they notice shifts in energy; whereas, others feel nothing. Its all about the senses. Because you don’t feel anything happening don’t take it to mean that Reiki does not work. TRUST that Reiki is working.

Is Reiki a form of faith healing?

Although Reiki’s precepts are spiritual in nature one does not have to believe in Reiki in order for it to work nor do they have to belong to anyone religion; furthermore, Reiki does not interfere with the practice of any one religion nor does it go against the religion one does practice. In other words, Reiki is non-denominational.

Is Reiki a religious practice?


I am not spiritual. Can I still learn reiki?

Yes. Anyone can learn Reiki. You just need the intent to learn

Should I learn Reiki or some other healing modality?

Reiki is the simplest form of healing. If you are committed to self wellness and growth, any modality will do good. The choice is yours

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