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Doodle means to make spontaneous, marks to help yourself think

Doodle Fun Threapy is perfect for you if..

✔  You are bored, need a new way of engaging in creativity, tend to forget things
✔  Are unable to focus, are moody, need an emotional outlet, are frustrated, anxious or irritated or find themselves stuck.
✔  feeling “incomplete or you are eager to learn to analyse the human mind through doodles.

Who should consider learning Doodle Analysis or Doodling for Fun

You could be a Corporate or student, adult, parent, business owner, executive, manager, actor, sportsperson, doctor, teacher, therapist etc. i.e. any kind of a person.

Doodling of hand is thinking to the brain. You can think on paper more effectively than keeping things in your head. A doodler is engaging in deep and necessary information processing.

This generation of massive insights is part of what makes doodling so valuable as often it leads to seeing something we didn’t notice before. Most doodles are drawn subconsciously and therefore what we doodle is a good indicator of our hopes, fears, dreams and desires.

Some psychologists regard doodles as projections of repressed emotions and thoughts. Hence, they can be considered to assess personality as an aid to psychoanalysis.
Using this doodling knowledge along with grapho therapy have proven to give wonderful results.


How can Mindful Doodling help you?

➡   Gives a rare insight into one’s psyche
➡   Helps in improving Focus, Memory recall and Concentration
➡   Relaxes the mind, regulates moods
➡   Relieves stress
➡   Enhances problem-solving ability
➡   Channeling emotions
➡   Enhances spirituality by taking in zen mode
➡   Because doodling is a visual, written, kinesthetic, and emotional experience, it can deepen learning
➡   Problem-solving


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